Articles and whitepapers from and about the Supply Chain, Purchasing and Analytics


Articles and free thoughts on possible further development steps in supply chain or trends in the area of purchasing and logistics. Taken up, adapted and/or simply as food for thought.


Field reports from completed projects in and around supply chain management. Standardized and simplified as far as possible. Suggestions to copy or to rethink own processes.

Brain Storm

Reflections on processes, treatises and the general organization of the purchase and logistics area as these could be organized in the future. Among other things also abstract considerations and action patterns.


What is the supply chain community looking for? Buzz words and the latest trends. Software and process solutions that we think are trend-setting.

Suggestions or ideas for a joint project?

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CRAB Analytics designs the appropriate supply chain and purchasing strategy for small and medium-sized companies, using innovative algorithms and methods to increase supply chain performance.

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