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CRAB Analytics offers the complete range of services around processes, organization up to management approaches for your supply chain. To be able to offer these services independent of ERP systems, we combine SCM expertise with state-of-the-art data analysis techniques - adapted from the Big Data environment.

Analytics Services

Using the latest data science methods, we quickly and flexibly prepare your purchasing and supply chain data in accordance with your objectives in such a way that you obtain clarity and transparency about your current situation.

Purchasing and Process Optimization

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Organizational Transformation

The planned and systematic change in companies, with the aim of achieving organizational performance to achieve the strategic goals of the company, must be accompanied. CRAB Analytics can support these changes by involving the employees in a structured process, either conceptually or through interim management.

SCM Strategies

In the world of rapid change, you have the right business strategy. The derivation of this strategy to the supply chain and purchasing can be developed by CRAB Analytics. Our many years of experience in strategy and transformation will help you to recognize risks early on and avoid wrong decisions.


Supply Chain Analytics Business indicators and score cards Scoping & General Objective

Develop and compile business indicator

Database analysis and screening of data bases

Modern Data Analysis - Data- & Process Mining

Refined expectation analysis and location requirements

Compilation of the customer-specific SCM Scorecard

Platform definition for visualization


Supply Chain Analytics Data Mining & Statistical Analysis

Data aggregation independent of location, databases and data management systems

Aggregation using modern algorithms based on SQL, R & C++

Data cleansing using modern big data approaches such as machine learning, predictive analytics and data mining

Compaction based on mathematical and statistical applications


Supply Chain Analytics Consolidation & Visualization Highlighting of correlations, dependencies, accumulations, shifts in the data

Statistical analyses, data & process mining

Visualization of data through apps and dashboards using R, HTML, CSS, JS tailored to the customer's needs

Enables data driven decisions and the development of a corporate data strategy

Consolidation & visualization according to customer requirements once or regularly


Purchasing & Supply Chain Strategy Shaping the Future

Development of sustainable supply chain strategies based on corporate strategy and the sales markets

Creation of strategies at management level, modeling and modifying the supply chain organizational structure and processes with the goal of long-term and sustainable strategy implementation

Revision of existing purchasing and supply chain strategies with regard to future challenges

Proactive supply chain risk protection, screening and anchoring in strategy derivation


Purchasing & Supply Chain Transformation Sustainable success

Creation and revision of supply chain processes using process mining and many years of supply chain experience - even in highly regulated industries

Potential analysis and strategies for process automation in the supply chain. Digital transformation for procurement and logistics

Development of individually tailored supply chain organization forms

Optimization of interfaces in procurement and logistics

Interim management, implementation and sustainable anchoring of the measures in the organization including training and human change management


Purchasing & Supply Chain Optimization Direct P&L influence

Cost Savings:


Cross-site goods flow analyses & optimization

Cost reduction for goods, services and flows of goods in the national and/or        international environment

Contract management, tendering & benchmarking

Optimization of organizational costs


Process Optimization:


Supplier management and portfolio analysis

Material group optimization and material master analyses

Supply Chain Risk Management

Purchasing Controlling


About CRAB Analytics

CRAB Analytics designs the appropriate supply chain and purchasing strategy for small and medium-sized companies, using innovative algorithms and methods to increase supply chain performance.

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